• Buyers have the right to withdraw from the contract of purchase and sale of the product by notifying the seller (e-mail or post Švitrigailos str. 8/14, LT-03223, Vilnius) in writing within 14 calendar days from the moment of delivery or collection of the product. The cost of returning the product must be covered by the buyer.

  • When buyer receives seller's confirmation of the withdrawal from the agreement, buyer must agree with the seller on the method and time limit of items return within 2 working days limit.
  • The buyer may use the right written above to terminate the agreement on the purchase and sale of goods only if:
  • the product is not the same product that customer ordered;
  • items have not been used, damaged or their appearance has not changed (undamaged labels, peeled protective films, etc.). The returned product must be in order: the original packaging must not be damaged, the product must be clean, not scratched, the serial numbers of the product on the packaging and the product must match, the product must be in complete set. The buyer is responsible for the complete set of the returned product. If the item is not complete, the seller will not accept the returned item. The requirements specified in this paragraph shall not apply (except for damage to the goods) to returned quality goods.
  • Seller has the right not to accept the items returned by the buyer if the buyer does not follow the above procedure for returning the items or the product (its packaging) is damaged.
  • Upon receipt of the notice of withdrawal from the agreement within the set deadlines, the seller shall withdraw the goods from the guyer and return the money paid for them to the Buyer (consumer) within 14 days, and in case of non-provision of services - return the money paid for services not started.
  • Transport costs incurred by the seller due to withdrawal from the contract (goods) on the basis specified 1 shall be fully covered by the buyer, unless the buyer, having withdrawn from the sales contract, returns the goods to the seller at the address specified by thes.
  • Upon receipt of the buyer's request for the return of defective goods, the Seller undertakes to accept the defective goods returned by the buyer and, in the absence of the buyer's objection, to replace them at its own expense with similar goods of appropriate quality. In the event that the seller does not have similar goods, the money paid for the goods shall be refunded to the buyer, unless otherwise agreed.


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