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Laser printer rental at especially GOOD prices and conditions!!!


Advantages of renting office equipment:

♦  Office equipment rental allows you to upgrade printing, copying and scanning equipment without investing your own funds. 

♦  Rental of office equipment allows you to use high-quality equipment without any worries: repair, maintenance and consumables is our responsibility.

♦  Reduce printing and copying costs, as well as analyze and accurately forecast printing costs.;

♦  You will always have a spare toner cartridge. When one cartridge runs out, you will be able to change the cartridge immediately, without having to wait for the courier to deliver a new cartridge to you, so you are saving time and don't have to delay any work.

♦ This will not only save your money, but also ensure that there are no unexpected expenses in the future. All additional costs related to the operation of the printers like print quality, mechanical failures of the printer and toner - our responsibility.

♦ If your printing needs change quickly, at no additional cost, we will change the equipment you use to suit the place and needs of your work.

♦ Your monthly printing costs will include:

- paper;

- fixed monthly subscription fee;

- a fee for copies actually made.

Rental equipment includes the full range of our services, which are provided FREE OF CHARGE:

♦ equipment monitoring and prevention to equipment failures;

♦ continuous supply of consumables;

♦ repair of equipment according to the manufacturer's technical requirements;

♦ defective equipment is replaced so that your work does not stop;

♦ the quality of the equipment is ensured to be impeccable throughout the rental period.


Here are some questions, that can help you to find the most economic and best suited for your needs decision:

- approximately how many copies do you print per month?

- how much do you pay per month for a toner cartridge or cartridge refill?

- how much is spent on printer maintenance per year?

Contact us now! Our managers will help you choose the most optimal and time-saving option for your printing needs!

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