Grometa UAB specializes in the repair, service and maintenance of laser printers, copiers, fax machines, multifunctional devices. We perform high-quality and fast printer maintenance, diagnostics and repairs. We are always ready to solve any problems with your printers. Our specialists will provide detailed information on problem solving methods after assessing the condition of your office equipment.


Our service includes the following services:


Printer diagnostics. During the diagnostics, the condition of the office equipment and its individual parts is assessed. After performing the diagnostics, the service engineers will inform you about the faults and the estimated repair cost.


Printer maintenance check-up. During prophylaxis, individual parts of office equipment are inspected and cleaned with special tools. During prevention, the paper drawers, paper pick-up mechanisms are inspected, and it is checked whether the machine ensures quality work.


Repair of laser printers, copiers, fax machines, multifunctional devices. After diagnosing the technical fault and determining that the printer needs repair, the service engineers inform the customer about the duration and cost of the repair. Office equipment repair works are performed within 24 hours, except when worn parts need to be ordered by special order.


Printer prevention and diagnostics will cost you ONLY 10 Eur if you deliver the device to our office.


Guarantee for replaced parts and all the work performed. We take full responsibility and guarantee the impeccable work of office equipment.


Free proffesional consultation by phone (8-5) 235 00 00 or e-mail. Email: